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SAS 818 International Trading LLC is involved in the import and export & sales of high-end products & professional services. We arrange, project-manage, & oversee our clients’ various deals and business interests, Including negotiating & setting contract terms; providing counsel; due diligence; creating & implementing action plans, instructing & overseeing other professionals on our Client’s behalf; acting as our client advocate & representative; ensuring our clients’ objectives are achieved according to specific criteria & within their desired timeframe. We also match quality startups and established businesses with high-value investors globally.

We import & distribute, & sell high-end products in Asia & elsewhere; work closely with family a business group with substantial sales & network throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada, and the USA. We also work on various projects with our business partners globally. We are particularly interested in unique & innovative products & services, and we use our expertise, experience, and established network to gain traction in the marketplace.

What are the business outcomes you want today… and tomorrow?

Some of the business outcomes you’re seeking:

Construction Material

The construction materials industry includes suppliers of the raw materials used by construction firms when building commercial and residential properties. This means that basic materials such as aggregates, concrete and cement in addition to wood, lumber, wood paneling and millwork products fall into this category. Additionally, we also supply roofing, guttering and insulation product.


The key to solving the problem of the Philippines’ huge potential market and insufficient oil infrastructure, the increasing urbanization of the Philippines, and the need for an affordable and reliable oil supplier.





Food Supplies

We supply high-quality foodstuff products such as rice, poultry and halal chickens, grains, bulk canned goods etc. We ensure great food experiences that supersede what is expected. Available both for importing and exporting.





Retail Products

We source retail products locally and internationally. We can supply and distribute various retail types of products from different manufacturers.







Management Consultancy

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise but are known for our holistic perspective.

Health & Medical

Our company deals with the sales and service of laboratory equipment, therapeutic tools, medical diagnostic equipment, medical devices, hospital furniture, and accessories.





Automotive & Heavy Equipment Machineries

SAS 818 International Trading LLC provides the best and affordable new & used cars, auto replacement parts, and accessories from the best producers and manufacturers in the world. We also can provide heavy types of machinery and equipment used for mining and construction and a lot more.

Renewable Energy

The need for green energy infrastructure is emerging in line with the growing demand due to the active urbanization of the Philippines and the electric vehicle market.





Our History

SAS 818 International Trading LLC results from an amalgamation of extensive industry experience and professionals who sincerely believed in delivering the best customer experience. These attributes are integrated & unified with the focus on processes, people, sustainability, and profit.

Established in 2015, SAS 818 International Trading LLC has come a long way today and placed comfortably as a global enterprise engaged in multiple businesses. Headquartered at the Trade and Financial Tower, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines, SAS 818 International Trading LLC has regional offices in Singapore, the Middle East, Canada, the United States of America, London, and Australia.

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“Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.”

-Henry R. Luce

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