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SAS 818 International Trading LLC, OPC is involved in the import, export, & sales of high-end products & professional services. We arrange, project-manage, & oversee our clients’ various deals and business interests, including negotiating & setting contract terms; providing counsel; due diligence; creating & implementing action plans, instructing & overseeing other professionals on our Client’s behalf; acting as our client advocate & representative; ensuring our clients’ objectives are achieved according to specific criteria & within their desired timeframe. We also match quality startups and established businesses with high-value investors globally.

We import & distribute, & sell high-end products in Asia & elsewhere; work closely with family a business group with substantial sales & network throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada, and the USA. We also work on various projects with our business partners globally. We are particularly interested in unique & innovative products & services, and we use our expertise, experience, and established network to gain traction in the marketplace.

We are handling a general trading business. Besides general trading business, we also provide business service. We operate on your behalf as if you were a Philippine company. We will create openings and exploit opportunities that can enhance the success of your business in the Philippines. We will help you to get direct access to markets.

From the moment we start to work with you together, we will function as your Philippine office to your customers. To you, we operate as your Philippine partner. Services provided include: Establishing distributor networks, Finding of agents, Warehousing, Sales representation, call-center support, Human Resources, Payroll, Trade show management, Philippine office and bank account, Export consultancy & Customer service. Specialties: Business Development, Marketing and Sales Support, Lead generation, Multilingual support, Market research & Competitive analysis.

We deal with a wide range of merchandise across various sectors, including energy, metal, and agricultural markets. We also boast robust relationships with leading suppliers in the world.

Additionally, SAS 818 International Trading LLC specializes in multisector procurement and supply, offering one-stop solutions to clients across the globe. We supply raw material, telecom and ICT equipment, equipment, and machinery for construction, healthcare, transportation, mining, municipal, production & manufacturing, industrial, energy, and more.


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